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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management 2018

The objective of this five-day course is to provide participants with the practical knowledge and skills to effectively manage the antituberculosis medicines and laboratory commodities needed in today’s tuberculosis (TB) programmes.

There are increasing collaboration and coordination with TB programmes and many of the topics covered in this course can also be applied to the management of antiretroviral drugs and HIV diagnostics.

03 Dec 2018


5 days

Supply Chain Management 2018

IMDP Courses Course

Benefits of Training

  • Discover the key global factors in the production, financing and distribution of TB drugs and supplies
  • Gather technical knowledge about first- and second-line TB medicines
  • Become familiar with laboratory requirements, including those needed for latest diagnostic techniques, such as GenXpert
  • Write better procurement and supply chain management plans for grants
  • Strengthen procurement skills
  • Achieve better prices and supply chain management


Who Should Attend

This course is designed for middle- to senior-level procurement specialists, doctors, pharmacists, warehouse managers and consultants managing drugs and/or laboratory supplies. Participants involved in HIV/AIDS programmes or the forecasting, procurement, storage and distribution of TB-related commodities, will all benefit from this training.

Programme Content

  • Day 1
    • Welcome and introduction to Supply Chain Management
    • Introduction to the pharmaceutical industry
    • Overview of TB products
    • Standard treatment regimens
  • Day 2
    • Quantification exercises
    • Costing and financing
    • Pareto exercises
  • Day 3
    • Procurement quality
    • Storage distribution
  • Day 4
    • Possible HIV co-infection
    • MDR-TB treatment
    • TB order and reporting forms
    • Sputum sampling
    • Microscopy
  • Day 5
    • Planning and budgeting tools
    • Handling obsolete products
    • Preparation of a work plan
    • Closing


Dr Ron Wehrens and Dr Miranda Brouwer

Course Fee: 1,650 USD

Residential package fee available at 2,610 USD (course fee + 960 USD for accommodation and breakfast).

Language: English