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Dr Valerie Schwoebel

Dr Valerie Schwoebel - Tuberculosis and Lung Health


Dr Valérie Schwœbel has been a medical professional for over 30 years, specialising in data surveillance and epidemiology with a specific interest in TB. But throughout all of those years she has never lost sight of one thing – that behind all the data and number crunching her work, ultimately, is about saving lives. When Valérie finished medical school in 1984 she decided that paediatrics was the area of medicine she’d like to specialise in. Things didn’t quite turn out as planned, however, after Valérie decided to travel overseas to work for a year. It was a decision that would have a profound effect on her both personally and professionally.

She went to work with Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) in Africa after she had fallen in love with the continent while holidaying there. The year with MSF quickly turned into 2 and a half and saw her career veer from paediatrics into public health. She applied to Johns Hopkins University, U.S.A, where she earned her Masters in Public Health in 1988 [her studying continued with a PhD being realised in 1999]. She had also, by chance, previously come across the work going on with TB and the work of The Union.