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Dr Riitta Dlodlo

Dr Riitta Dlodlo - Tuberculosis and Lung Health

Dr Riitta Dlodlo has worked in both clinical and programmatic tuberculosis (TB), TB-HIV and related fields and overall health services management for over 25 years in Zimbabwe and several Sub-Saharan African countries.

She is a strong proponent of patient-centered decentralised and integrated services, for example, for persons living with HIV and TB. She is passionate about operational research to expand evidence base for health policy, practices and approaches in service provision and capacity building of health professionals. She has served as a faculty member in several Union courses, including the International TB Course in Arusha, Zimbabwe and the programmatic TB-HIV course. She has published in TB-HIV and mortality. In 2015, Riitta was appointed Director of the Department of TB and HIV in The Union.