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Gayatri Sriram

Gayatri Sriram - IMDP Courses

An MBA from the University of Houston Texas, Gayatri is a certified coach and people development consultant to organisations since 2002, predominantly in the areas of leadership development, organisational growth and self-development.

She is a specialist in interweaving self-awareness and empathic connections into larger interventions. As a facilitator she has worked with diverse participant groups of varied sizes, origins, functions and seniority levels in over seven countries.

As a designer of programs, Gayatri has created programs for leadership development, cross-cultural management, organisational visioning and change, personal effectiveness and self-awareness.

The methodology she uses is largely experiential, often incorporating non-verbal layers into workshops. The framework that she is closely allied with is positive psychology more specifically, Appreciative Inquiry and the strengths paradigm.

An avid environmentalist and an enthusiastic supporter of the arts, she finds inspiration in working on related projects and finding ways to mainstream this into her work.