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Budget and Finance for Non-Profits

Budget and Finance for Non-Profits 2017

The objective of this course is to teach participants how to strengthen management and decision systems within their non-profits, so they are able to evolve along a strategic pathway from financial dependency to independency. This course will allow participants to recognise and leverage budgeting as one of the key tools in achieving financial sustainability.

Participants will gain a fundamental understanding of budgeting, financial management and risk within the context of the development sector. The participants will also have the opportunity to apply the concepts learned and delivered through practical and relevant exercises and simulations.

08 May 2017

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

5 days

Budget and Finance for Non-Profits 2017

IMDP Courses Course

Benefits of Training

  • Explain the uses and functions of budgeting and financial management
  • Design, develop and present programme budgets using Excel
  • Create and use a cash flow budget
  • Identify and practice effective revenue and expenditure estimating techniques
  • Review an operating budget using variance analysis

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for middle- to senior-level managers of non-profits, who are responsible for programme administration in health organisations, as well as doctors, administrators and consultants, who manage project budgets.

Programme Content

  • Day 1
    • Welcome and introduction to Budget & Finance for Non-Profits
    • Budgeting basics
    • Developing budgets with Excel
    • Preparation of line-item budgets
  • Day 2
    • Direct costs
    • Indirect costs
    • Incorporating budget justifications
  • Day 3
    • Developing cash-flow budgets
    • Performance-based budgeting
    • Converting line-item budgets
  • Day 4
    • Effective use of budgets
    • Variance analysis
    • Financial reporting
    • Financial risk management
  • Day 5
    • Responsibility accounting
    • Assessing how contractors handle funds
    • Financial risk management systems
    • Budget negotiations
    • Closing


Salil Kumar and Frank Colella

Course Fee: 1,650 USD

Residential package fee available at 2,610 USD (course fee + 960 USD for accommodation and breakfast).