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On-Request and Tailored Courses

On Request and Tailored Courses

The Union faculty and staff are ready to help you design courses and curriculum to meet your specific training needs. With expertise in the clinical, programmatic, and organisational management of diseases our team has designed programmes for some of the leading lung health organisations in the world. We specialise in programmes designed to reduce the burden of lung disease, improve overall lung health, and better manage TB in low-resource settings.

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The Union provides distinguished faculty and knowledgeable experts and facilitators to create custom-designed courses that fit your organisation’s individual programme needs. Custom-designed courses draw upon existing curriculum topics and incorporate additional expertise as needed. Existing courses can also be delivered on-site, exclusively for your organisation or programme.

Principles of Tuberculosis Care and Prevention: Translating Knowledge to Action
The main goal of this training curriculum is to provide the knowledge and skills to senior programme staff and other health professionals, to improve the management of persons with tuberculosis (TB) and strengthen programmatic practices. It has pre-course online, classroom and field components.

Clinical Management of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis
The Clinical Management of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis is an intensive training, consisting of interactive in-class presentations, discussions and practical exercises and a field visit, aiming to strengthen participants’ capacity in clinical and programmatic management of drug-resistant tuberculosis.

TB-HIV Clinical Management
The main focus of this training program is the diagnosis and treatment of Tuberculosis among people living with HIV. It introduces the 12 points components of the country-level implementation of collaborative TB-HIV activities.

Leading Management Teams
This training content will help participants appreciate and develop the managerial dynamic necessary to elicit a high performance from staff and bring an awareness of leadership styles. Attendees will gain an experiential understanding of how to build inter-personal relationships that can balance the task focus of managers and leaders. They will gain insights into the benefits of adopting a coaching and mentoring style of managing and gain an understanding of how to go about building a positive culture at work.

Monitoring and Evaluation
This curriculum focuses on bringing in accountability of monitoring and evaluation for ensuring project completion on time within budgeted costs. Participants in these training will be able to develop different levels of indicators for project monitoring and evaluation, strengthen the process of supervision, audit and data collection, and demonstrate different methods of monitoring and evaluation.

Project Management
Project Management is a fundamental component of successful programmes. This training equips participants with an integrated, logical framework approach to project planning, implementation, and review. The main goal is to make projects more effective and efficient in terms of delivery to the targeted beneficiaries. The course materials include the use of various tools, such as stakeholder analysis, problem analysis, objective analysis, log frame matrix, GANTT chart, monitoring plan and resource plan.

Supply Chain Management
This course content provides practical knowledge and skills to effectively manage antituberculosis medicines and laboratory commodities needed in today’s tuberculosis (TB) programmes, as well as the supply chain management functions of diseases, such as HIV, malaria, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and other diseases. There is increasing collaboration and coordination with TB programmes and many of the topics covered can also be applied to the management of antiretroviral drugs and HIV diagnostics.