Union Courses


Gokul Mishra

When Gokul Mishra, an experienced programme designer, project manager and trainer, became the focal person to Nepal for Norway’s LHL International Tuberculosis Foundation (LHLI) in 2010, one thing was immediately clear: he would need to build a strong network of partners to succeed in his new job.

gokul-mishra Mishra decided to enroll in “Influencing, Networking and Partnership,” a course teaching techniques for collaborating and negotiating with diverse stakeholders. He found the mix of lectures and practical exercises such as role-playing were useful tools to grow as a manager.

Elena Agafonova

Elena Agafonova is the head of the Arkhangelsk Regional Centre for medical prevention in Russia. Her work focuses on identifying strategies to lower the prevalence of health risks to the public.

elena-agafonovaAgfonova attended the IMDP course “Management and Leadership” specific to officials working in tobacco control. She found the course provided a strong framework for sharing experiences and learning from each other and was pleased to find instructors and participants discussing overcoming challenges much like those faced by her organisation.


Ravizah Hamid

Ravizah Hamid heads the National Tuberculosis Coordinating Centre for the Department of Health in Brunei Darussalam.

“The IMDP courses I’ve attended have given me valuable knowledge in TB control and management. The Union has developed me into a good team leader and manager and has also increased my confidence through learning.”